CLM seek to provide total project management to our value customers , we provide One stop materials procurement for all your engineering & shipbuilding needs. For the recent years, we had undertaken various Projects from customers both locally and Overseas, we had positive feedback from our clients.


Corrosion prevention through application of industrial protective coatings. Our corrosion prevention services provide protection for metal structures in the oil & gas and petrochemical plants against oxidisation, erosion and rust which weakens the chemical bond and structural strength of these structures.


With our network of Quality Sandblasting Plants, we will be able to provide Our customers with their materials sandblasted to SA 2.5 Standards.


Hot dip galvanizing is the best protective coating technology for steel. For about a decade, it uses zinc to prevent corrosion by providing a long life , durability . Galvanizing prolongs the materials thus reducing the cost of renewing the assets. It also meets all environmental responsibilities with processes that have low wastage, low emission and have high recyclability and reusable properties.


CNC Plasma Cutting

Our new Hypertherm Plasma Cutting system which enables with working table 3 meter wide. Underwater Plasma cutting reduces viscosity, resulting in burr-free cut edge.


Machining of Off Cut Materials

Provision of drilling and counter-sunk services

Professional Services

Material Testing / Verification.

Re-Classification by Approved Bodies (ABS / DNV / LR / BV)

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