H-beams are considered to be an important structural element in construction. Due to their prominent features such as excellent strength and flexibility, they can be used for a variety of purposes. Thus the H-beam with its horizontal flanges and vertically oriented web offers extraordinarily high load-supporting capacity. This makes them suitable for use in large constructions for instance bridges and tall buildings.

Importance of H-Beams in modern construction

These beams are very important in the construction of bridges, tall buildings and any structures in industries. They are commonly used in construction due to their efficiency in handling large-weight loads and structural stability. The H-shaped steel beam is well-favoured by engineers and architects.

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Key Benefits of Using H-Beams in Structural Projects

Detailed Specifications

Range of sizes and dimensions

At Chuan Leong, we have developed a broad range of H-beam sizes and dimensions to suit any project. We have beams with a width of up to 300mm and a depth of up to 900mm along with a length of up to 12m. We can provide beams that will meet the structural demand of a particular project.

Material Grades and Quality Standards

We have H-shaped steel beams in various specifications and grades such as BS 4360 Gr 43A, EN 10025 S275JR, JIS G3101 SS400, and EN 10025 S355JR. These grades meet internationally recognized standards of quality thus being very durable and reliable. To avoid being compromised by substandard grades we put each grade through a rigorous testing process.

Grades Width Depth Length Thickness
BS 4360 Gr 43A Up to 300mm Up to 900mm Up to 12m From 5.0mm
EN 10025 S275JR Up to 300mm Up to 900mm Up to 12m From 5.0mm
JIS G3101 SS400 Up to 300mm Up to 900mm Up to 12m From 5.0mm
EN 10025 S355JR Up to 300mm Up to 900mm Up to 12m From 5.0mm


Customisation options

Every project is different, and at Chuan Leong, we recognise this. As a result, we provide customisation choices to satisfy particular requirements. We can meet your demands whether you need beams cut to a specific size or whether you need a specific grade. Our professionals are prepared to help with any demands for customisation.

Choosing the Right H-Beam for Your Construction Needs

Load requirements, span, and environment

Selecting the most suitable H-shaped steel beam requires several factors to be taken into account. First, it is crucial to estimate the load capacity of the particular project. There are various types of beams, and the functionality and weight of each beam differ; one should, therefore, select the right beam to support their needs. Second to that is span length, larger spans would require stronger beams. Last but not least, also consider the impact on the environment. For example, projects in coastal locations can require beams that are more resistant to corrosion.

Selecting the Appropriate H-Beam Size and Grade

It might be difficult to choose the right grade and size of H-beam. The following tips will assist you in selecting the best option:

  • Evaluate load capacity: Ensure the beam can support the intended load.
  • Check dimensions: Make sure the beam dimensions fit your structural needs.
  • Consider the material grade: Choose a grade that offers the right balance of strength and durability.
  • Consult with experts: Don't hesitate to seek advice from professionals.

Consult us for your H-Beam selection

Consulting with experts is crucial when selecting H-shaped steel beam. Our team at Chuan Leong is always available to provide guidance. We can help you choose the best beam for your specific project requirements. With our knowledge, you can make your decision with confidence.

Experts should be consulted to make the right decision when it comes to H-beams. The team at Chuan Leong is always ready to help and guide our customers. We offer the best beam for your project depending on your project needs and we will assist you in selecting the right one. Our help on your side means that you can make the right decision.

Why CL Metal is Your Trusted Supplier for H-Beams

CL Metal is one of the leading suppliers of H-beams in Singapore. Our company has more than 50 years of market experience and we take great pride in providing our clients with the best quality products and services. We offer a comprehensive H-beams product selection to cater for most projects, giving you the right products for your specific needs. We are committed to delivering our services in record time at relatively cheaper prices.

Ready to start your next construction project with the best H-beams in the market? Contact us now for inquiries and quotes. Let us help you build strong and reliable structures with our high-quality H-beams.