Acting as a steel supplier and stockist company in our purpose built premises, our steel are recognised for quality and excellence. If you are looking for a steel stockist of mild steel plates/profiles, shipbuilding steel, boiler plates, or API Pipes, look no further than the market leaders Chuan Leong Metalimpex Co., Pte Ltd.



  • Mild Steel Plates /Mild Steel Chequered Plates
    Material  Grades     :   A36 / SS400 / S275JR

  • High Tensile Plates
    Material  Grades   :  S355JR/  S355J0 / S355J2 /S355K2 / AH36/DH36/ EH36

  • Low Temperature Plates
    Material  Grade :   NV4-4L

  • Boiler Plates
    Material Grades :   SA 516 GR 70 N

  • Pipes

  • Material Grades : API 5L GR B / X 52



  • Square

  • Rectangular

  • Circular

  • Material Grades  :    A 500 Gr B / S275J0H /S355J2H

  • Tapered Flange 

  • Parallel  Flange

  • Material Grades  :   A36 / S275JR/ S355JR /S355J2



  • Equal Angles

  • Unequal Angles

  • Inverted Angles

  • Material  Grades :    A36/SS400 /S275JR/ S355JR /S355J2
    Inverted Angles  :   ABS GR A  /DNV GR A  /ABS AH36 / DNV AH36

  • Flat Bars

  • Square Bars

  • Round Bars

  • Galvanised Gratings

  • Material Grades (Flat Bars)   :   A36  / SS400 / S275JR/S275J0

  • Material Grades (Square Bars)   :   A36  / SS400 / S275JR/S275J0

  • Material Grades (Round Bars)   :   A36  / SS400 / S275JR/S275J0

  • Material Grades (Glavinised Gratings)   :   A36  / SS400 / S275JR/S275J0



  • SS400

  • A36

  • S355JR

  • S275JR

  • S355J0

  • S355J2

  • Pipe

  • Hollow Sections (Imperial Size)

  • Rail Sections

  • Channel Bar (Imperial Size)

  • Channel Bar (Plain)

  • Lipped Channel

  • Purlin Channel

  • Bulb Flat

  • Hexagon Bar & T-Bar

  • Deform Bar




ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001:2015 is based on the new seven principles of quality management, and is modelled on ‘process approach’. It advocates the P-D-C-A (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle for continual improvement and customer satisfaction. ISO 9001:2015 certification is for quality management system, and NOT a product certification scheme.

With the certification, CL Metal is affirming our emphasis on aspects such as customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and quality products



BizSAFE is a five-step programme to assist companies to build up their Workplace Safety and Health capabilities in order to achieve significant improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace (WSH).

With the certification, CL Metal is one step closer to compliant with the requirements in the WSH Act. It is our long-term objective of providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, associates and business partners. We will continue to work towards improving and refining our WSH Management System to prevent mishaps no matter how minor they might be

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