An inverted angle bar is an L-shaped steel section used in numerous construction and engineering industries. They offer support and strength to structures, which makes them crucial in buildings, bridges and other infrastructure projects. Other types of angles, called unequal leg and thickness angles, can be used in commercial and military ships.

Inverted angle

Inverted angle bars in various industries

The inverted angle bars are widely used in various sectors and areas of applications in the construction of different structures. These are essential in construction, manufacturing and shipbuilding because of their ability to increase structural strength. In the manufacturing sector, these materials are heavily used because they can be applied in various functions.

Specifications For Inverted Angle Bar

Dimensions and Sizes

There are many different dimensions of the inverted angle bars due to extensive demand in various construction projects. Common dimensions include:

Dimensions and Sizes
L200×90×9×12 L225×90×9×12 L250×90×9×13
L250×90×10.5×15 L250×90×11.5×16 L275×100×10.5×14
L300×100×10.5×15 L300×100×11.5×16 L275×100×10.5×14
L325×120×11.5×15 L350×120×10.5×16 L350×120×11.5×18
L375×120×10.5×18 L375×120×11.5×20 L400×120×11.5×23
L425×120×11.5×23 L450×120×11.5×25 L475×120×11.5×28
L475×120×12.5×30 L500×120×12.5×33 L500×120×13.5×35
Dimensions and Sizes

These dimensions make certain that there is an appropriate size for each structural requirement, ranging from small projects to major industrial uses.

Inverted Angle Bars in Construction and Manufacturing

Common Applications of Inverted Angle Bars

Selecting the Right Inverted Angle Bar

Factors to consider when choosing inverted angle bars

When choosing inverted angle bars, one should take into consideration the required load, environmental conditions, and project-specific situations. These considerations put it in perspective to enable one to select the right material and size that suits the best.

Different types of inverted angle bars

Inverted angle bars come in different forms, and each form has its own advantages. By so doing we can get to determine the most appropriate one that we need depending on the material used, size and strength. For example, AH36-grade steel is suitable for projects requiring high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion.

Selecting quality inverted angle bars

When trying to get the optimal quality inverted angle bars for your structural projects, it’s wise to look for products that come with certifications that meet global standards. Another important factor that can be also included is the reputation of the manufacturer and the customer feedbacks on the existing products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An inverted angle bar is an L-shaped steel section used for structural support in various construction and engineering applications.

Angle bars are used in building frameworks, bridges, machinery, and vehicle frames to provide structural stability and support.

An unequal angle bar has legs of different lengths, offering versatility for various structural applications.

Angle steel bars include equal angle bars, unequal angle bars, and inverted angle bars, each serving different structural needs.

Yes, angle bars are designed to provide significant structural support and are made from high-quality steel to ensure strength and durability.

Angle bars can be made from various types of steel, including mild steel, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

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