Steel sheets or low-carbon steel sheets are one of the most used products in industries. These consist of high ductility, very good weldability, and ease to be machining. These sheets have high utility and can be easily used in construction, automotive, and other fabrication services.

Carbon steel has been one of the most used materials in industrialisation for many years. Different industries such as shipbuilding, automotive and construction industries have widely used steel sheet because of its favourable physical and mechanical properties.

Composition and Properties

Chemical composition Mechanical properties
Steel sheet usually contains up to 0. 25% carbon and small quantities of manganese, silicon and other materials. This composition results in its well-known properties:

  • Low carbon content enables it to be ductile and easy to weld.
  • Manganese increases the strength and hardness.
  • Silicon helps to gain strength and
The mechanical qualities of steel sheets are well-regarded:

  • Strength: Ideal for multiple structural purposes.
  • Ductility: Should be easy to shape or mold without causing the material to break or crack.
  • Weldability: Excellent for joining processes.

Types and Grades of Steel Sheets

Hot Rolled vs cold rolled steel sheets

Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets serve different purposes:

  • Hot rolled sheets: Coated and produced at high temperatures, they are relatively cheaper and suitable for structural components.
  • Cold rolled sheets: Rolled at room temperature they provide a smooth surface finish as well as improved precision, making them ideal for applications requiring precise tolerances.
Hot Rolled
Various Grades

Various Grades and Specific Uses in Industry

Different grades of steel sheets cater to specific needs:

  • S355JR: S355JR is widely used in areas related to engineering structures. Its excellent weldability and impact resistance make it highly suited for building construction and bridges. Moreover, S355JR is frequently utilised in the production of large machinery and equipment because of its strong mechanical qualities and high strength.
  • S355J2: S355J2 has better impact resistance. It is a good option for structures and specific uses that are exposed to different weather conditions outside the house, especially in colder regions It is frequently employed in the building of wind towers, offshore platforms, and other buildings exposed to severe weather. A higher level of toughness in S355J2 further makes it capable of withstanding regular usage, and dynamic load stresses.
Grade Application Key Characteristics
S355JR Construction, heavy machinery Good weldability, impact resistance
S355J2 Offshore platforms, wind towers Improved low-temperature impact resistance
ASTM A36 Buildings, bridges, machinery Excellent welding properties
EN 10025 S275JR Frames, supports, general engineering Good machinability
JIS G3101 SS400 Ships, bridges, buildings High strength, good weldability
BS4360 Gr43A Structural applications High strength, good weldability

Benefits of Steel Sheets

Cost-effectiveness and affordability Ease of fabrication and machinability Corrosion resistance and longevity with proper treatment
Steel sheet is more economical when compared to the other types of steel. It is affordable and offers good value and this makes it ideal for projects that are huge and have some strict budgets. These sheets are very ideal for cutting, bending and even welding exercises as well. Standard operations of fabrication such as drilling, cutting, and welding are easy and thus lessen the time and money used in production. Even though steel sheet is more vulnerable to corrosion, methods such as galvanising are effective at increasing rust protection. Steel sheet can effectively serve its purpose for several years, and with proper treatment, these products have a long lifespan.

Sizes and Thicknesses

Grades Width Length Thickness
ASTM A36 Up to 3000mm Up to 9000mm From 1.2mm
EH36 Up to 3000mm Up to 9000mm From 1.2mm
EN 10025 S275JR Up to 3000mm Up to 9000mm From 1.2mm
EN 10025 S355JR/J0/J2 Up to 3000mm Up to 9000mm From 1.2mm
JIS G3101 SS400 Up to 3000mm Up to 9000mm From 1.2mm
BS4360 Gr43A Up to 3000mm Up to 9000mm From 1.2mm

Thickness variations and implications

Usually, thicknesses vary to meet the needs of various applications:

  • Thin sheets: Used in the appliance and automobile sectors.
  • Medium sheets: Perfect for applications in building and structural engineering.
  • Thick sheets: Used to build ships and massive equipment.

Quality standards and certification requirements

For mild steel sheet selection, the quality of the materials must be of superior quality for better construction. At Chuan Leong, we closely follow ASTM and EN specifications, which are common in the international market. Our dedication towards quality also guarantees that you will get the best quality materials available in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A steel sheet is a low-carbon steel sheet known for its ductility, weldability, and versatility in various applications.

Yes, it offers sufficient strength for numerous structural and industrial uses, balancing strength with ductility.

It is commonly used in construction, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, and general fabrication.

Steel sheets combine affordability, ease of fabrication, and adequate strength, making them ideal for a wide range of projects.

Using steel sheets ensures cost-effectiveness, easy processing, and versatile applications, suitable for both small and large projects.

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