Flat bar is a common and widely used material in different industries and areas. Although they are not very stylized, they offer myriad applications. These flat pieces of metal are widely used in construction, manufacturing, and many other industries. The pivotal roles they play in these areas cannot be overemphasized. Flat bars play a critical role in providing support and strength, especially in structures and machinery.

Flat Bars in Construction and Manufacturing

 Flat bars are very useful in construction and manufacturing. On the construction site, they offer support; they act as frames and are utilized as braces and brackets. They are strong and do not break easily. In manufacturing, these flat bars are vital in the production of machinery parts, tools and other equipment. Their ease of use and ease of cutting, welding, and machining make them a popular option.


Dimensions and Specifications

Material grades and types available for flat bars

Flat bars are a versatile product and they are manufactured in various material grades. Every material is different in special characteristics and designed for definite purposes.

Standard dimensions and weight chart

To meet the various purposes, flat bars are available in different measurements. These measurements guarantee that flat bars are suitable for a wide range of uses. Here is a standard dimension and weight chart for flat bars:

Grades Width Length Thickness
AISI 1018 Up to 300mm Up to 4000mm From 3.0mm
AISI 1020 / S20C Up to 300mm Up to 4000mm From 3.0mm
JIS G3101 SS400 Up to 300mm Up to 4000mm From 3.0mm
JIS G3101 SS41 Up to 300mm Up to 4000mm From 3.0mm
JIS G3123 SGD400 Up to 300mm Up to 4000mm From 3.0mm

Customisation options for specific project requirements

Since most projects have unique requirements, customization plays a critical role in solving the projects’ needs. At Chuan Leong, we offer customized services. You can get flat bars in specific forms for convenience depending on the required size. This means that when you receive your flat bars, you will not have to wait long for them to be ready.

Benefits of Using Flat Bars


Flat bars are extensively applied in different industries. In construction, they are commonly used as frames, support beams, and cross bracing or brackets. They are also part of different machinery and equipment in industries such as automobiles, power, petroleum, and gases among others.

There are numerous reasons why flat bars may be favoured. They are sturdy and durable, providing adequate support. It is also an adaptable matter, making manufacturing easier. Furthermore, they are more affordable while providing optimal performance.

Compared to other metal products, flat bars have many advantages. They offer a consistent load-bearing capacity throughout their length. Speaking of their shapes, flat bars do not have elaborate angles or channels. This makes them easier to cut and weld. It also implies that they can be substituted for many uses as well.

Selecting the Right Flat Bar for Your Project

Several factors need to be considered when selecting a flat bar. First, consider what kind of material you want to use. Mild steel is appropriate for normal application while stainless steel is better used where there is a high possibility of corrosion. Next, consider the dimensions. The width and thickness will depend on the kind of project that one has to complete.

Determining the appropriate size and grade of flat bars

It is crucial to understand the size and grade. Consider your project's load requirements. To carry more mass, a bar must be thicker and wider as compared to supporting smaller loads. Also, consider the environment. Outdoor applications will necessitate a high corrosion resistance rating of the material employed.

Tips to selecting the right flat bar

For construction purposes, it is advisable to use high-tensile flat bars for enhanced structural strength. When it comes to manufacturing, choose the grade that is useful and most appropriate for the task at hand. You can trust us for the optimal quality product supply and quality customer service.

Flat Bar Products and Services Offered by CL Metal

Our flat bar supply at CL Metal is diverse and include various types and specifications. No matter if you are looking for mild steel, stainless steel or high tensile steel, we have it all.

We make sure you receive what you need with our customised fabrication services. Our services include drilling, machining, and cutting. This customisation guarantees that the flat bars are made to your precise measurements.

CL Metal considers customer support as one of their main concerns. We extend our services to the customer after purchase to ensure that you are satisfied. In case of any questions or concerns, our team is here to help.

Flat Bar Maintenance and Safety Tips

Storing and handling flat bars

Handling and storage must be done correctly. To avoid rust, store flat bars in dry conditions. These should be stored on racks to avoid direct contact with the ground. Wear safety gear while handling to prevent injury.

Maintenance tips

Regular maintenance extends the life of flat bars. Closely examine them for signs of usage or rusting. Clean them periodically to reduce the accumulation of dirt and any other debris. Regular protective layers like paint are a good option to prevent rust.

Safety guidelines

When working with flat bars, security is highly important. The tools and equipment to be used should be appropriate. Always wear the suggested safety kit. Be cautious when lifting objects. In an industrial setting, always ensure that the safety measures are followed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal bars with a rectangular cross-section are called flat bars. They are employed in the manufacturing, automotive, and construction sectors.

The width of standard sizes ranges from 12 mm to 300 mm. The range of thicknesses is 3 mm to 25 mm.

Yes, flat bars may be machined and cut to fit specifications.

Flat bars are utilised in industrial parts, automotive components, framing, and supports.

Purchase your metal products from us; we ensure quality and durability. Additionally, appropriate storage and routine maintenance are equally important.

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